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Area 5E Games Regional Trophy

The Area 5e Games Trophy is intended to be passed year to year to the Region that wins it. The trophy will be updated each season with the Area 5e Games Logo and the winning region. The friendly competition to win the trophy is driven by volunteers, the more volunteers a region supplies the better the chances of winning, the number of teams, teams making it to championship games and sportsmanship are also included.

  1. Number of teams sent to the games.

    1. 2 points per team for visiting regions.

    2. 1 point per team for the hosting region.

  2. Referee points:

    1. 5 points for centering

    2. 3 points for A/R

    3. 1 point for club linesman

      Referee points are assigned on match report cards, the referee simply puts the region number beside their name, or write club linesman and the region. Referees earn points for every game they do.

  3. Championship Match Appearance (top two teams if no championship match):

    1. 5 points each team each match

  4. Poor Sportsmanship deductions.

    1. Minus 5 points per incident

(Does not include in game issues those are handled by referee) (Deducted when any person from a region demonstrates excessive poor sportsmanship that disrupts the essential tournament task, to be decided by the 1. Tournament Director 2. Area Director 3. RC's from region(s) not involved. in that order as available)

  1. Tie-Breaker - Region volunteer total for season, as determined by Blue Sombrero report.

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Hotel Information

Area 5e Games Fall 2017

AYSO Area 5E Games Rules
Fall 2017 11/11-12
Location: Va-Du-Mar McMillin Park
591 McMillin Blvd. Boiling Springs, SC 29316

Games Rules:

  • Games will be played per the AYSO National Rules & Regulations and FIBA rules as interpreted by AYSO., including newly adopted PDIs.
  • No player may play four (4) quarters until all players have played three (3) quarters. Violation of this rule will result in forfeiture of the game.

 Uniforms and Player Equipment:

  • Every team should wear a uniform that consists of a matching jersey, shorts and socks.
  • Each uniform shall be properly marked with the AYSO logo per the AYSO National Rules and Regulations.
  • Players without a proper uniform may not play. Compression shorts that are the same primary color as the uniform shorts will be permitted. Properly sized shin guards are mandatory and must be worn under the socks.
  • Teams have been reconfigured may wear pinnies of the same color over their fall season uniforms.
  • Casts, splints of any kind, jewelry of any kind, or anything a referee views as a hazard will not be permitted.
  • Hard or metal hair ornaments, bandanas, beaded hair braids, or hard brimmed keeper hats are not allowed.


Points will be awarded using the following formula: (Updated after Blue Sombrero review)

  • Six (6) points for a win
  • Three (3) points for a tie
  • Zero (0) points for a loss
  • Tie breakers by Blue sombrero defaults (goals against/for)

 Games Format

  • If six or more teams enter an age division, teams within the age group will be organized into separate pools.
  • Any Co-ed teams will play in the boy's brackets for 10U and 12U
  • The structure of the age groups will be determined by the number of teams entered.
  • Ideally, each pool will consist of eight (8) teams, and there will be two (2) pools in each bracket.
  • The make-up of each pool will be determined by a random draw.
  • Guest players allowed to fill rosters
  • 19U - Will be a coed division, players per side: 11v11 – Max Roster 18
  • 14U - Will be a coed division, players per side:  11v11 – Max Roster 15
  • 12U - Will be a single gender division, players per side: 9v9 – Max Roster 12
  • 10U - Will be a single gender division, players per side:  7v7 – Max Roster 10


Game durations will be as follows substitution breaks mid way through halves.

Pool Play Matches:

  • 19U - Two (2) 35-minute halves
  • 14U - Two (2) 35-minute halves
  • 12U - Two (2) 25-minute halves
  • 10U - Two (2) 25-minute halves


Finals Matches:

  • 19U - Two (2) 40-minute halves
  • 14U - Two (2) 35-minute halves
  • 12U - Two (2) 30-minute halves
  • 10U - Two (2) 25-minute halves


  • At the end of pool play the top point team in each pool will advance to championship play.
  • If there is a tie in total points at the end of pool play, the following tie-breaking rules, in the order listed, will be used to determine a winner:
    • Head to head results
    • Goals against in all games (aggregate)
    • Goals for in all games

Final matches ties at the end of regulation time will be broken as follows:

  • Two (2) overtime periods (not sudden victory) will be played. Overtime kickoff will be determined by a coin toss. Player substitutions may occur at the beginning of each overtime period.
    • U19 - 9 minute periods
    • U16 - 9 minute periods
    • U14 - 8 minute periods
    • U12 - 6 minute periods
    • U10 - 5 minute periods
  • If the game is still tied at the end of the second overtime period, the referee will direct the players to go to the center circle for kicks from the mark.

Inclement Weather Policy

  • The referee, after consultation with the Tournament Director, will have the authority to delay the start of play, to call a halt in play, or cancel the match due to weather conditions which, in the opinion of the referee, endangers the safety of the players. The Tournament Director will endeavor to reschedule or resume games that are incomplete due to weather related reasons. However, due to situations that cannot be predicted in advance, it may not be possible to finish incomplete games. In this case, if play was halted in the second half of play, the score at that time will be taken as the final score. If the halt in play occurred in the first half of play, and the game cannot be resumed, the Tournament Director will decide the issue.
  • The Tournament Director will also decide on accounting for the games which could not be started or rescheduled due to adverse weather conditions.
  • Matches cancelled due to weather or other natural causes may not be feasible to reschedule. All questions regarding rescheduling, including decisions on forfeits, will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director, whose decision shall be final.

Disciplinary Actions

  • A player or substitute who is sent off (shown a red card) must leave the field of play, and the immediate area, before play can be restarted.
    • The team may not substitute for that player for the remainder of the game.
    • Any player or substitute who is sent off will be ineligible to participate in the next scheduled game.
    • A player or substitute receiving two send offs in the Area Games shall not play for the rest of the games.
  • A coachor or spectator who is asked to leave by the referee must leave the field of play, and the immediate area, before play can be restarted.
    • If the coach or spectator refuses to leave, the referee may terminate the match. A forfeit win may be awarded to the opposing (non-offending) team by the Tournament Director.
    • A coach asked to leave the field of play will be ineligible to coach in the next scheduled game.
    • Any coach who has been asked in more than one game to leave the field of play will be suspended for the remainder of the Area Games.
  • For each send off issued to a player, or any coach or spectator that is asked to leave the field, two points will be deducted from the team's tournament standings. All send-offs and cautions issued during a match will be recorded on the back of the game card of the offending team. The referee shall complete a Game Misconduct Report at the Referee Administration Tent at the conclusion of the match. Cumulative cards may result in the individual being denied further participation in the Games. Violent, abusive, or destructive actions before, during, or after any Games related event may result in the individual(s) being denied further participation.

Refund Policy

  • If, in the unlikely event, that the Area Games are cancelled, all registered teams will receive full refunds less tournament expenses at that point.

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