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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child be on the same team as his friends?
If we have volunteers for the required staff positions (Coach, Assistant Coach and Referee) the children will be on the same team. Otherwise, we cannot make team placements based on preference. We work hard to balance teams and make them as even as possible. We will add the request to a list but it will not be a guaranteed placement.

How old does my child have to be to register with AYSO?

Children between the ages of 3 and 19 as of December 31st of the current AYSO year may register with AYSO.  The AYSO soccer year is July 1st to June 30th.

How do I register with AYSO?
Registration is done through our website. Choose the register now button and it will take you to the registration portal. 

Why do we register 3 to 4 months before the season?
All player information must be entered into the AYSO database before teams can be formed.  Entering players into the database is very time consuming.  Once player information is entered, teams are formed and rosters are sorted for the coaches.  Coach Recruiting must be done for all teams that have not had a parent volunteer to coach.  Materials for coach and referee training must be ordered at least two months prior to the training.  Coach meetings, training, and a parents meeting must be planned and take place before the start of practice.  Uniform orders also must be placed to ensure players receive the uniforms before the start of games.  Field arrangements must be made with Parks and Rec and fees paid depending on the number of players in the region.  Volunteer forms need to be collected from coaches prior to practice so that the information can be entered into the AYSO database and background checks conducted.  Preparing for the soccer season takes at least three months and since everyone is a volunteer with jobs and families outside of soccer we need to start registration as early as possible.

What equipment does my child need?
Shin guards and socks covering the shin guards are mandatory during all practices and games.  Sneakers or Soccer Cleats (No football, baseball, or other sport cleat may be worn)
Soccer ball
Water bottle (optional)

What size soccerball does my child need?
U6 & U8 - Size 3 ball
U10 & U12 - Size 4 ball
U14 & above - Size 5 ball

Who will coach my child?
Hopefully you!!! We are always looking for volunteers to help coach!.

Who will call me about my child's team and how do I know when we will practice?
If you have not volunteered to coach you will be contacted by your child's coach.  Coaches receive their rosters at the coach meeting and will contact the players on the team.  Usually the meeting is held a couple of weeks before the first game.  Dates for the coach meeting and start of the season will be posted on the website.

I see other teams practicing and I haven't been called.  What do I do?
Please do not panic if you see other teams practicing and your child has not been called.  If your child's coach was unable to attend the first coach meeting or is out of town then they may not have received their roster yet.  Also, not all teams begin practice at the same time.  The very young teams do not always begin practice on the same date as other teams.  If you have not been contacted, email [email protected]

How often are practices and games?
Practices are held once or twice a week depending on age, field space, and coach availability. 
6U teams may practice once a week before the start of games & will have a combined practice & game on Saturdays once games begin.
8U teams practice once per week, the day and time is chosen by the coach.
10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 19U teams all practice twice a week, again days and times are chosen by the coach.
Regular season games for all age groups are held on Saturdays. 
Tournament games may be played on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday.

When is the AYSO soccer season?
The fall season begins in August and ends in November.  The spring season begins in March and ends in May.

How much does it cost to register?
YSO is very affordable.  Check the registration page for the current season fee.

What is the registration fee used for?
Registration fees are used for players national fees, insurance, uniforms, field rental, equipment (corner flags, referee flags, game balls, etc.), end of season medals, program development, and other needs of the region and players.  None of the region board members, coaches, referees, or other volunteers receive payment for their time.

Who runs my AYSO Region?
he AYSO region is run by volunteers who are parents just like you.  These volunteers attend training and conferences to provide the best possible soccer experience for families in the community.  Volunteers within AYSO are here because it's their passion...not their paycheck.

How do I become a volunteer?
It's easy.  Talk to your child's coach or one of the regional board members at the fields.  You can also contact the Regional Commissioner or any other board member using the emails on the "contact information" tab on the website.

Who are the officials during the game?
Game officials (referees) are volunteers.  They may be parents, older players, brother or sisters of players, grandparents, etc.  You can sign up to volunteer when registering your player. If you have questions email us at [email protected]

How can I request a refund?
You may purchase insurance with your soccer registration. If you did not purchase the insurance, refunds will be given for legitmate reasons only. We do not give out refunds if you don't like your practice days or do not get the team assignment you wanted. Also, as a non-profit organization once the money is spent (such as for uniforms or field rental fees, etc.) we do not have the money to refund.

Are scholarships available for my child?
Limited scholarships are available for children who wish to play.  Scholarship applications are available on our website under the scholarship information tab. Applications are reviewed by the scholarship committee and are kept confidential.  Scholarship recipients will be notified by the via email.

Why do we need sponsors?
 Sponsors enable the region to provide scholarships for players in financial need and keep the registration fees reasonable for parents. And cover all the various cost associated with running the program.

Game Conduct

PLAYERS:  Abide by the Laws of the Game, no foul or abusive language or gestures, have a positive attitude, commend opponents during play, participate in the traditional handshake at the end of the game, and most importantly HAVE FUN.

COACHES:  Demonstrate knowledge of the Laws of the Game, respect all players, no foul or abusive language or gestures, utilize positive coaching skills (avoid constant coaching, no yelling at players), stay within designated coach area, show respectful attitude toward the referees, participate in the traditional handshake after the game, thank the referees at the end of the game and HAVE FUN.

SPECTATORS:  Avoid coaching players, no foul or abusive language or gestures toward any player, coach or referee, abide by the Kids Zone guidelines (no tobacco use, no alcoholic beverages, no illegal drugs), remain at least 3 yards from the touchline, acknowledge and congratulate both teams, HAVE FUN.

REFEREES:  Remember that the game is for the players, call a fair and unbiased game in accordance with the Laws of the Game, refrain from making trifling calls that interfere with the flow of the game, congratulate both teams and coaches, HAVE FUN.

Cooperation between coaches, spectators and referees will make playing soccer a positive learning experience for the players.  Any player, coach or spectator exhibiting unsporting behavior will be asked to leave the fields.  We strive to create a positive environment based on mutual respect rather than a win-at-all costs attitude and our program is designed to instill good sportsmanship in every facet of AYSO.

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